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Alexander Rossi Speeds Past F1 Teammate's Smoky Drift On The Wings Of A Bald Eagle

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I know that’s not what literally happened here, but it’s been so long since we’ve had an American in Formula One — indulge me, okay? Look at this pass and tell me that the Statue of Liberty herself isn’t weeping as we speak. It’s beautiful.


Rossi’s Manor Marussia teammate Will Stevens lost it at the infamous 130R corner at Suzuka. Stevens briefly holds a beautiful drift that sends a smoke-screen across the track before he’s able to turn the car back straight again. Rossi doesn’t even seem to flinch, cutting through the smoke around Stevens’ car to get to 19th place.

It doesn’t matter that this is the battle for “next to last” over “last.” What’s important is that these backmarkers are one place for up and coming talent to actually get their start in F1, and Rossi has now beaten his teammate both times he’s raced the car. That’s still a little early to prove much if anything, but it’s still a promising sign (for now, anyway).


Let freedom ring, bake us up an apple pie, set off the fireworks, and maybe — if he keeps this up — get Rossi in a better car, please. ‘Murica.

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