Alex Zanardi Hits Guardrail; Guardrail Probably Lost

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Double amputee racing driver, paracyclist and guy who's officially tougher than you Alex Zanardi accidentally hit a guardrail in training today. Of the two, the guardrail probably lost.

Zanardi posted a photo of the collarbone that smashed into said guardrail on Twitter today:


I mean, look at the guy. Of course the rail was hurt. Zanardi could singlehandedly take on a zombie apocalypse and wipe all the Deadites off the planet in a single brawl.

Given that Zanardi uses his upper body a lot more than most of us to get around, here's hoping for a quick recovery.

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Zanardi has been a personal hero of mine both before and after his accident. His level of determination, love for competition, and especially his positive attitude are what makes him an athlete worth idolizing. Simply an amazing man. Hoping for a speedy recovery! (and if there is anything Zanardi's speed!)