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Remember the old days, back in 2004, when Jaguar β€” though circling the drain β€” was optimistic that aluminum stamping processes would lighten up its mid-range S-Type? Then, last year, the company said it would keep steel for the frame, but aluminum for the body. Now, word is, the next-gen S-Type will be fashioned entirely of Superman flesh, though would lose the platform it shared with the Lincoln LS in favor of all-new underpinnings. The good news is the steel job would save time, allowing the company to launch the next S-Type for 2008 instead of 2009 (before sales really fell off a cliff). Images of the new S-Type were revealed late last week as a teaser while Jag was introducing its XKR models. Good news for soda cans, bad news for Jaguar fans.

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