Alameda House Burns, Malaise Ford Product Appears Safe

OK, first thing you need to know about this story is the Alameda way to pronounce the street name. It's not "Ver-SYE," it's "Ver-SAILS" (Alameda went through a big patriotic street-renaming frenzy after World War I, yet apparently didn't ask returning AEF vets how to pronounce French place names). Got it? So, what we have here is an East End house that caught on fire. Dull local news story, sure... but what's that in the driveway? Why, it's a Malaise Lincoln (or maybe it's a Mercury; the photo isn't clear enough) that shows all the signs of having been frantically moved out of the garage as the flames licked around it, while the rest of the house's contents went up in smoke. Priorities, people! This is why Alameda has so many old cars still on the street! [Alameda Sun]


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