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Al Unser Jr's facing a slew of charges including a DUI after the two-time Indy 500 winner reportedly left the scene of a crash on a freeway on the outskirts of the Las Vegas strip. Unser was identified as the driver of a black Ford Excursion that sideswiped a Mazda on the Vegas Beltway shortly before 11 AM yesterday. Unser's vehicle took little damage in the rubbing, but the Mazda crashed into a cement center median. All accounts indicate the Mazda driver was not injured at the scene, but we'll assume he'll have the appropriate attorney-installed neck brace by the time he makes it to court. Although Unser is reported to have failed a number of field sobriety tests at the scene of his arrest, on top of the whole getting drunk and hitting the girlfriend and subsequent "alcohol abuse treatment" thing in 2002 (mugshot from that incident's over on the left), we're going to stick with innocent until proven guilty. Who knows, maybe the Mazda was just trying to pass him on the inside on a turn. In that case, the dude may have just had it coming. Sure, in Al's mind β€” because we'll tell ya, that's awfully early on a Thursday AM to be drunk β€” even in Vegas. [Hat tip to Scotte!]

Auto racing figure charged with DUI after Las Vegas-area crash [ContraCostaTimes]


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