Suddenly Schadentuesday: Sickly, Anorexic Dopehead, Pseudo-Celebrity Nicole Richie Arrested for Driving Backwards on Freeway

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When the po po found her, Richie was parked facing the wrong way in the carpool lane, high on grass and Vicodin while gabbing calmly on her cell phone. Lord how we love Los Angeles. However, we also use the 134 through Glendale/Burbank all the live-long time and very well might have been headed in the right direction at 4:50 am on a Monday morning. Cheers to the motorist who saw a black Mercedes soft-roader entering the exit ramp and informed the LAPD. We do wonder; is prison food the answer? Truthfully, we don't care if she ever eats again — just keep the bimbette off our roads.

Nicole Richie in DUI arrest [The Seattle Times]

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