WiFi Network Named 'Al Quida' Singlehandedly Delays Flight 17 Hours

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We've all come across some cheeky Wifi network names, like "FBI Surveillance Van" or "We Can Hear You Fucking," but on Sunday night, one idiot decided to board a flight with a personal hotspot called "Al-Quida Free Terror Nettwork," which resulted in a 17-hour flight delay from LAX.

It was the passengers on American Airlines flight 136 from LAX to London who were the victims of this poor decision. The plane had already left the gate when a passenger found the hotspot while trying to log on to the plane's Wifi service. A concerned passenger alerted a flight attendant, and the plane was taxied back to the gate. Passengers were held on the plane for several hours, while investigations were carried out. In the end, the only thing the traveler was found guilty of was stupidity and bad spelling, as the feds said there was no crime committed.

A similar incident on September 11th of this year on board a Southwest Airlines flight in Seattle. In this case, the passenger changed his hotspot name from "Southwest - Bomb On Board" to "Bomb Is On This Seat." In this case, the plane was parked on a remote pad at the airport, and the passenger was detained.


h/t USA Today

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As a pilot, I find humor in this. It makes me wonder ... What if I named my wireless hotspot "The Pilots Are Drunk"? Would they transfer all of us?