Making a splash as an exhaust company isn't exactly easy. You're basically hawking metal tubes of various shapes and sizes. So to cut through the clutter of a bike show, you've got to go big, and for Akrapovič, that meant making this monster streamliner with a 30-inch wheel and a slightly unfortunate name.

That name – the Full Moon – was inspired by the enormous aluminum and carbon fiber front wheel, complete with a composite perimeter brake that's larger than the rollers of almost any other bike on the road.

But even that plays second fiddle to the sleek, hand-formed body. It basically acts as a housing for the twin Akrapovič pipes, made entirely out of sheetmetal and taking over 800 hours to complete. It's so massive, even the 1,524cc S&S Knucklehead V-twin nestled in the middle looks positively tiny.


The Full Moon also has its share of show bike flourishes, including a hydraulic suspension that drops the bike on its bodywork so it doesn't need a kickstand and a steering system that, according to Akrapovič, is "completely automated, which allows a minimalist steering rod without any visible cables" (um, ok).

Whatever. The whole thing is a gloriously impractical stunner, as if Gordon Buehrig finally got a shot at acting on his two-wheeled fantasies in the 21st century.