Airline Passengers Freak Out When Cute Lil' Snake Drops From Overhead Bin

Screengrab via YouTube
Screengrab via YouTube

You are wrong, Samuel L.: enough is not enough. Nobody has had it with this snake on this plane.


Just look at that lil’ critter, trying to get by in this crazy crazy world like the rest of us. Did they make him wait in the security line and take out his laptop and everything? At least he didn’t have to take off his shoes. One of the advantages of having no feet.

And when he got on the plane, I’m sure they messed up and double-booked him with another passenger, which is why he’s up and about, confused and looking for a seat.

You really have to feel for him.


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Justin Young

Those darn monkey-fighting snakes keep coming back to those Monday-to-Friday planes!