Air France Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Breaks Apart

Here’s a terrifying image that you don’t want to see out of your window mid-flight: An Airbus SE A380 superjumbo made an emergency landing over the weekend after an engine on the Air France-operated plane broke apart, according to multiple reports. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

The plane—en route from Paris to Los Angeles—made an emergency landing after a “serious incident” prompted pilots to take action, Bloomberg reported. It’s not uncommon for engines to malfunction, but what happened to the Air France flight isn’t typical by any means.


Here’s more from Bloomberg:

While engine malfunctions aren’t uncommon, so-called uncontained failures, when the protective outer part of the power plant known as the cowling rips apart, are. Such explosions are more serious because it can cause catastrophic damage to the wing holding fuel or the hydrolics that control the flaps. The Air France plane’s jet turbines are made by Engine Alliance, a joint venture of General Electric Co. and Pratt & Whitney Corp. The Alliance said on Twitter that it is aware of the Saturday incident and looking into it.


Photos from the scene show the plane’s right wing with significant damage. It’s unclear what caused the damage. The Guardian quoted one passenger, Miguel Amador, who posted a video on Twitter claiming to be of the plane and suspected it was possibly due to a bird collision.


Air France successfully landed the plane with no injuries reported to the 496 passengers and 24 crew members, the Guardian reported. Arrangements have already been made to transport the passengers to California, according to Bloomberg.

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All modern airplanes are designed to be able to sustain flight and safely land on a engine failure...

Seriously incident? Yes.

Dangerous? Not really. It’s all within designed specs.