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Aging Paint, Timeless Whoosh

Illustration for article titled Aging Paint, Timeless Whoosh

The dash of the ex-Emerson Fittipaldi, Pratt-and-Whitney-engined 1971 Lotus 56B turbine Indy car at last weekend's Goodwood Festival of Speed. Tachometers with percentage rings = 100 percent win. Photo Credit: F1Fanatic


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There is a movement in the collector car market to keep cars unrestored. It's something that I personally want to see more of.

Hemmings has been showing off cars that are 40-80 years old that have parts that haven't been touched since they left the factory. The ability to see the paint applied by the original craftsman is more important to me then to see the 27 coat process you paid a shop to apply for more then the cost of my house.

This is even more important with race cars. To be able to imagine what it was like when it was clean and ready for racing that day. Since we all can't race on the weekends. We want to pretend we were there