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African Fiat Hoonage With Bob

Bob is on a mission- you can tell by the serious set of his Harry Callahan-esque shades, or from his eagerness to endanger the lives of schoolgirls, truck drivers, in fact entire towns with his batshit driving style. But mostly you can tell by looking at his car: the Fiat 131. This 1970s ad, targeted at French-speaking African countries, shows how good the 131 is at roaring sideways down dirt roads, narrowly missing pedestrians, jumping creeks, and even allowing Bob to nod off at the wheel at high speed with no ill effects (and damn if the 131 doesn't sound sweet doing said hoonage- I'm ready to start looking for one myself). As the voiceover says: 'Que veux-tu faire, Bob? Tu n'es pas devenu fou, non?' ('What are you going to do, Bob? You haven't gone crazy, have you?') Of course he has! And so can you, in a 131!


Fiat 131 [Wikipedia]

No Dickering! [internal]

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"Bob may have out run that possum on a gumbush, Deputy Cletus Hogg, but there's a surprise waitin' up ahead and ole' Boss is more excited than a hog knee-deep in slop."