Afghanistan Veteran, Dog, Head Cross-Country In Beater Suburban, Need Some Help

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A lot can happen when you serve as an Air Force Apache helicopter pilot in Afghanistan. For Daniel McConnell, things were going great until a crash that cost him his arm, caused a traumatic brain injury, and ended his career with an honorable discharge. After recovering and spending some time in med school, Daniel took a summer off (this summer) and decided to hop into a thousand-dollar Suburban and tour the country for which he served. Heck, we'll let him tell you all about it:

I've decided that since I gave 11.5 years of my life to this country, and even lost body parts fighting for it, I want to SEE it, and the people who live in it. My plan is to drive basically a big circle around the USA from TN to Maine, then Oregon, down Cali and off to Key West. I have a beat up 1984 Suburban I've been preparing for the trip, and my plan is to live in it, along with my mildly retarded Boxer. I hope to see a lot of sites, stay off the interstates, and meet a lot of interesting people along the way...


The whole story, complete with Suburban repairs, dog craziness, turkey chasing, and really entertaining writing can be found over at Daniel's blog. Go check it out, be entertained, and if you feel like it, toss a couple dollars worth of gas money at him. (Thanks for the tip Jeff) [DanielsBigTrip]

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Rob Emslie

That's an inspiring story. Having done a few trans-continental treks myself, I can attest to the joy and wonder such a trip can engender. A word of advice; bring something to listen to while driving through Utah.