Adventures in Branding: Renault Backgammon Set

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In today's episode of Adventures in Branding we stray away from the usual unusual branding suspects of Porsche and Ferrari and take a look at Renault, by way of their F1 squad and its backgammon set. In this case, "branding" doesn't mean simple slapping a Renault logo on the set, but actually constructing the board game out of materials taken from Formula One cars.

The set includes (of course) carbon fiber, sterling silver, leather and Permaglass F1. Boy, those French sure do love their backgammon and their F1. But do they love them enough to drop—gulp!—$27,000? [Product Page via Bornrich]

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A carbon fiber backgammon the pieces can move down the sides 0.0027 seconds faster.

The real question is, has it been tested on the Nurburgring?