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We're not entirely certain why a car would need a "curtain" in the garage. Perhaps it's bashful when taking a shower, perhaps it likes to change clothes with a modicum of privacy. Whatever the reason, we found the following product in the SkyMall catalog on the way home from Los Angeles last night and can't make heads or tails of it. From reading the description we're of the distinct impression it's to replace "bulky car covers." The only problem is those "bulky car covers" are meant to defend your ride from all sorts of airborne pests like umm, dust. The "car curtain," with it's open top, can't so much do that. But whatever it's for, you can get one for yourself in either single or double-sided, via the link below — and for only $349.99. Yeah, we'll just rush right out and not get one too. [via SkyMall]


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