Adorable German Shepherd Puppy Adorably Drives Car Into Pond

D'awww, puppies! They're so cute when they roll around and wag their little tails and drive your car into a pond.

That's what happened in Canton, Massachusetts recently when Rosie, a rambunctious 12-week-old German Shepherd puppy, was involved in mishap that put her, her owner, and her owner's Dodge Neon into a pond. What a 'lil stinker!


My Fox Boston reports that Rosie's owner John Costello took her for a walk by Bolivar Pond in Canton. When they were done they hopped into the Neon, but Rosie somehow hit the gear shift and then fell on top of the gas pedal.

This would be completely hilarious except water went rushing into the car, but Rosie was scared and jumped into the back seat. It took Costello and two other men to get her out, and when they did the water level was at their heads, the TV station reports. Eventually they did get her out, but "we had to do a little swimming," Costello said.

Rescue workers had to tow the Neon out of the water, and sadly (depending on your view of the Dodge Neon) it was a total loss. But Rosie and her new friends were okay, and that's the important thing.

Screencaps credit My Fox Boston

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