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In the "Clearance/Used" section of the BimmerWorld online store right now is a $197,000 ex-Grand Am E92 M3 Production car that ran in the GS class. Why pay somewhere like eBay to sell it when you have your own online parts store?

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Retail miscreants who've always wanted to add oddball items to your store's order management system, rejoice! We've found a kindred spirit.

I can't tell you how many times I've been browsing parts stores wishing I could just buy a working racecar, either. This is genius, and it comes with spares!

Per the listing:

Looking for the best in the country? You just found it. Initially a BimmerWorld street car project, then a GRAND-AM GS car, our V8 E92 M3 has now transformed into an over the top, killer track machine. This car has had the best of everything at every step of its journey and is ready to gobble up Porsche Cup Cars as either a sprint or endurance racecar. And with reliable BMW power and a solid driveline, operating costs are half the cost of a 997 Cup!

Highlights include, but are far from limited to:

  • 4.6L stroker engine producing 550Hp to the wheels
  • Dry-sump oiling
  • Drenth DG500 6-speed sequential transmission
  • Bosch Motorsport ECU
  • Custom widebody kit
  • BimmerWorld Ultralight-GT race wing, front splitter, front whiskers, and trunk
  • 18x11.5 and 18x12 Forgeline race wheels with 305/320 Hoosier slicks
  • Motion Control 3-Way dampers
  • BimmerWorld race geometry suspension, including fully relocated front components and cockpit-adjustable rear swaybar for enduro racing
  • Performance Friction Motorsport Z54/Z45 brakes
  • Motorsport ABS
  • Complete Motec ADL3 data system
  • 32 gallon fuel cell (22 optional)

Full spares package, including engine, wheels, differential, suspension components, dampers, etc available.

Only lap times in current trim are VIR Full in 100 degree heat, 1:56.4. Over $400k in this build. Email for more information.


$197,000 may be quite a lot to ask considering that there are no customer reviews for this item, however, their race results certainly back up their claims.

Also for sale on the site? BimmerWorld's three 2014 season E90 328i ST-class Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge cars, for $68,000 a pop. Why would anyone buy a Hyundai Equus when they could buy a highly competitive BMW racecar instead?


Photo credits: BimmerWorld

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