Ad Watch: The "Passion" Of The Hispanics — How The Silverado Helped Chevy Get Its Salsa On

This ad — dubbed "Milestones" by the folks at Chevy — aired during game three of the World Series. And yes, it's entirely in a language I do not speak — Spanish. Given that, there's much about the ad we could bring to your attention: the absence of English, the cinematic photography, the pandering, the corporate view of hispanics as the next breakout population to target. But we won't. Instead, we'll merely suggest imagining Chevy's advertising boss Kim Kosak (at right) — who says, "The Silverado encompasses ... all the passion inherent to Hispanics" — in a silver torpedo bra and chainmail garter, atop a Silverado extended cab full of mangoes and purring at Hispanic-looking passersby to come touch her "cami n de entrega."

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Al Navarro

My last name to the contrary, I didn't understand a word of that spot.

Well, perhaps the bit about Roberto Duran. No mas, Chevrolet, no mas.