Ad Watch: Prestone Trying To Go Anti-Buzzkill; Plays Games Instead Of Work

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We've got a problem with windshield wiper solution — don't manufacturers know at 95 mph, the fluid just flies right over the windshield and on to the car behind us? Apparently the windshield wiper washer fluid solution kings of Prestone are looking to at least provide us with an easy way to experience what it would be like if we could actually use their products on our own vehicles. They've gone and dropped a decent chunk-a-change into a new online-only awareness campaign to do it. Prestone's looking to build their "Bug Wash" solution into the Kleenex or...better yet...the Windex of windshield wiper fluids — the brand used by consumers in naming the entirety of the segment. So Prestone's contracted with McCann Erickson to build an online game simulating looking out the front windshield while driving — killing insects and spritzing "Bug Wash" on to clear the mess up. So how'd they do?

Well — it was really the worst online game we've ever played — cause there doesn't appear to be a way to end it. But at least there's finally a way to see what life in the slower lane coulda been like.


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