Ad Watch: Nissan UK's "Naturally Capable" 4x4s

Nissan UK appears to have given the CGI programmers a blank check on this homage-to-mecha spot promoting the company's 4x4s. The theme is "naturally capable," a message made manifest via several off-roaders, in mid romp through a desolate wilderness, transforming into robotic land and amphibious animalia. Clever.


Ad Watch: Citroen Goes Transformer, Redux. Now, With Video! [internal]


Heyyy, seems like the automakers all like to go shooting their car commercials in Iceland these days... I recognise a glacier or two there, plus the yellow road markers (easier to see in snow)...

Before this one there was the introduction to the X-3, H-2, Last-gen Grand Cherokee, Cadillac SRX, and heaps more... maybe I´ll send you a few pics the next time a Concept comes for a photo shoot....

Cheers, IceKid