So here we have a Peugeot ad for the Indian market, showing an ambitious young fella who, smitten by the overwhelming beauty of the Peugeot 206, smashes and bashes his Hindustan Motors Ambassador into a crude parody of the 206, then proceeds to wow the local babes with that incredible Peugeot-itude (I can only assume that this ad offended the living crap out of millions of Indians, who feel quite patriotic about their beloved Ambys; imagine how you'd feel if Hyundai came out with an ad showing some American savagely beating his Dodge Dart into a facsimile of a Sonata). This one gets the "Best Use Of An Elephant When Performing Automotive Bodywork" award for, hell, the entire decade.


Toughness, Roominess, Serves The Country: The Hindustan Motors Ambassador [internal]

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