Ad Watch: Chrysler, Dodge And Jeep Look To Stem Sales Losses With Crappy Satellite Radio Deal

Yes, we know Sirius sucks compared to XM — but, free satellite radio's free satellite radio, and considering the lease deals the folks at the Chrysler Group are now reported to be offering, I feel like it's almost a pity deal. So pony up your $185 or whatever per month, and you too can save a starving automaker — remember, leasing a Commander, Aspen or Durango can help to feed, clothe and pay for college for the entire family of one engineer in Auburn Hills, MI. Do your part. Two more commercials, one for Chrysler and one for Jeep, can both be found below the jump. [Addendum: Sirius doesn't actually suck compared to XM — the comparison was made to accentuate the Chrysler Group's loan deals. Sirius is a very fine satellite radio system, and hey, they've got Howard Stern — and who doesn't love Howard, right? That is all.]


Chrysler tries risky lease plan [Detroit News]

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