Ad Watch: Chevy Goes All British East India Company; Advertises An Indian Revolution

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The above picture is not a photoshop — it's the actual website for Chevrolet India. And from what we've heard — it's not playing real well in the subcontinent. And really, why wouldn't it? We mean, come on — they're using copy like:

"Maharajas, freedom fighters and the common man - the Chevrolet has ferried them all. The bowtie has been an integral part of India's automotive landscape..."


Yeah — uh, right. What's most humorous about this is they don't even change the colors of the site to reflect the colors of the Indian flag. Come on Chevy, it's like you're not even trying anymore. What's coming next — see Ma-ha-rash-tra in your Chev-ro-let? (Hat tip to Chris C!)

An Indian Revolution [Chevrolet India]

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