Acura NSX-R To Come Statestide Causing Fanboys To Swoon For Spoon

Can't wait for the V10-powered 2010 Acura NSX? Good news, friend, as Japanese tuner Spoon is planning to convert left-hand-drive previous-generation Acura NSX's into fire-breathing Acura NSX-Rs and ship them to the US. The bespoke NSX-R will first be going on a crash diet: Body panels get replaced by carbon fiber, thinner rear glass is installed, lightweight wheels are mounted, the spare is replaced with a can of goop, sound deadening gets nixed and so on. Then comes the fun.After the flotsam is stripped, the upgrades begin including a full underbody aero tray, monstrous sway bars, a rear diffuser and more speed by way of a remapped ECU and a shorter final drive. With a curb weight of just 2800 lbs, this rejiggered NSX will be a terror on the street. We'd be mighty amused if Spoon's version of the old, V6-powered NSX could go toe-to-toe with the newly-designed, V10-powered 2010 NSX. High power, meet light weight. [JPCNews via AutoFiends]


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