Acura has teased us with the thought of a new NSX for so long that the thought of one coming in 2016 doesn’t even seem real. Instead, the car can only live in fantasy places made for fantasy cars, such as the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb. Great choice for a pace car? Yes. Great choice for a pace car.

If there was ever an appropriate place to debut a car that only lives in the shattered hopes and dreams of Senna’s biggest fans, it’s Pike’s Peak. Pike’s Peak is home to everything from boundary-pushing factory efforts to insane homebuilt racers. The mountain has a surreal beauty to it that can only be matched by the insanity that goes up its road every year.


Acura’s rowdiest V6 howl fits here, echoing throughout the alpine valleys. You can see it struggle to keep all 550+ hp under control as it rounds the bend at the start, but the driver corrects the slide and keeps on going.

Now please, can you finally make this car? Tracks everywhere deserve to see a twin-turbo hybrid V6 supercar terrorizing the pavement. We’ve seen technical details, we’ve seen show cars, and now we’ve even seen it on pace car duty. The world deserves to see it on a race track.


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