We've been a bit obsessive lately over Jawbreaker's rendition of the Psychedelic Furs' "Into You Like a Train," all giddy on possibility and geographically spread permutations of East Bay Punk Rock Scene Incest
. And what better way to relate Blake Schwarzenbach's '63 Valiant and arty nature than a seminar from Andy Cruz and Rich Roat of House Industries, the font guys who've been combining high and low typographical culture for as long as people realized Coop, the Macintosh, Jan Tschichold, Ed Roth, custom vans and O.G. hardcore all somehow exist on the same plane? Anyway, the kids are giving a couple of talks at Apple Stores in the LA area in the next few days, and if design and hot rod culture are your passions, we suggest you put your asses in the seats and rub the lotion on your skin. [Thanks to CTE for the tip.]

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