Academy Awards snub Senna documentary

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I have this ritual where I yell "I'm done with the fucking Oscars" followed by "and this time I mean it!" This year's epithet-generating travesty is the exclusion of Asif Kipadia's excellent Senna from the Academy's documentary short-list. Jerks.

Despite being awesome and netting a pretty decent $1.6 million, there will be no Senna winning an Oscar unless something insane happens. This is a travesty. It's not just a film about something I care about, it's a great documentary. Period. And I'm a guy who thinks hanging out at the documentary theater for a film festival is a good time.

If there's one silver lining to all of this it's that Senna was snubbed alongside documentaries from Errol Morris, Werner Herzog, and freaking Steve James. They also snubbed that documentary our own Ray Wert was in.


This is almost as bad as the time they made Crash best picture or completely left Volver out of the best foreign film category. That's it — I'M DONE WITH THE FUCKING OSCARS!

(Hat tip to Rabbi Dave!)

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