Abt Sportsline Tunes VW R32, Hits 370 HP Note

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The German tuners of Abt Sportsline have had their way with the VW Golf R32 taking the well-known and already sporty hot hatch down the road of higher horsepower. Although you'd never expect it with such few changes Abt's made to the exterior shell. Although Abt gives their R32 a new side skirt, blackened chrome dual pipes and of course, 19-inch wheels and Abt decals, very little else signals the changes Abt's got going on under that blue bonnet.

And yes, the changes are a-plenty under the hood, as Abt's tuning team took the base engine from VW and spun the dial to 11 by way of a modified motor management system and the introduction of an Abt compressor kit with supercharger and air cooling system. Those changes bump the base model up 120 horses to a tire-squealing 370 HP. Those changes to the motor also boost the top speed to over 168 MPH, with a 0-to-60 time of a mere 5.0 seconds. Five ain't scratch, but it ain't too shabby either. [via World Car Fans]

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Ash78, voting early and often

@ceemonk: Definitely. Personally, I'd rather have the R32. I like torque from the basement for everyday driveability. My old man would probably sell me his '04 model (mint!) for small change, but it's still worth 80% of new price on the open market.

Besides, it's not exactly a good daily driver on my roads. My dental plan is marginal and I don't like chiropractors :D