Absurd Prices For The McLaren F1 Probably Won't Top Out Anytime Soon

A different F1 pictured. Credit: McLaren

Over the summer, a McLaren F1 with 9,600 miles on the clock sold for $15.6 million. I, a person who has no concept of money above about $1,000, thought this seemed like a lot. The thing is, that probably isn’t even where F1 sales will probably top out at, either.

There’s another silver McLaren F1 for sale in Germany, according to this listing on Mobile.de. The car has about 2,200 miles on it and the seller wants €20 million (approximately $24 million). The listing is thin on all other details, but does say that the car has had three owners.


When I first saw that price, I balked. $24 million? That’s way more than the price of the one that sold over the summer. But then I thought about it some more and realized that we’re probably not going to see these asking prices come down anytime soon. One person asked for $16 million, then another wanted $24 million. Who’s stopping the third person from asking for $40 million?

I have seven dollars.

via MotorAuthority

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