Abandoned House Still On LA Freeway's Shoulder

Illustration for article titled Abandoned House Still On LA Freeways Shoulder

So you got your guys who don't tie down their ladders, boxes, or dinette sets clogging up the freeways with their crap. But what can you say about a man who lost his house on the freeway? And this is no mobile home; it's a small single-family home that Patrick Richardson was trying to move from Santa Monica to Santa Clarita. Sadly, Mr. Richardson (who had a permit to move the house) made a few mistakes, including failure to judge overpass height, and the house has now spent close to two weeks at the side of the 101 in Cahuenga Pass. [Associated Press]

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Nine miles of two-strand topped with barbed wire

laid by the father for the son.

Good shelter down there on the valley floor,

down by where the sweet stream run.

Now they might give me compensation...

That's not what I'm chasing. I was a rich man before yesterday.

Now all I have got is a cheque and a pickup truck.

I left my farm on the freeway.