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Besides Starions and Starlets, conversations amongst ourselves (read: Davey G. and Uncle Bumbeck) often lead to the sheer ridiculous awesomeness of 1950s and '60s technology, before it was Health-and-Safetey'd out of existence. We're huge fans of NACA (which gave us the coolest air scoop of all time) and early NASA. And we think, just maybe it's time for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to buiild a car. Not a Mars rover, but an honest-to-Uranus earthbound vehicle that can accomplish completely ridiculous things.

Screw the Transformers. Forget fantasy, unless it informs reality. JPL, build us a car. We don't care what kind of car. It can either be obscenely fast and powered by nuclear ramjets, or be very slow, yet able to accomplish simply insane feats that small-brained bloggers can't yet imagine. But build us a freaking car, please.


Jet Propulsion Laboratory [Wikipedia]

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