A Washington Man Threw His Wife Out Of A Moving Car And Attacked A Trooper

A 53-year-old man shoved his wife out of the car while he was driving along I-90 between Seattle and Yakima, Wash. this weekend. After receiving a call from a motorist who saw the woman tumble from the speeding car, police caught the man 17 miles down the road.

But that was only the beginning. The man was still in a rage after being taken into custody, and broke through the back window of a police cruiser to escape. He then attacked the trooper who had arrested him.


After a bit of a struggle, the man was again subdued and taken back into custody. The state patrol said that his wife, 51, is in stable condition after her fall, having suffered a number of scrapes and bruises. (Hat tip to RoadAmerica!)

Photo credit: Washington State Patrol

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