A Typhoon Lifted This Parked 747 Off The Ground

Typhoon Soudelor tore through Taiwan and coastal China over the weekend, reportedly killing more than 20 people. While winds gusted up to 180 miles per hour over the ocean, the angry air eased to tropical storm status once it made landfall. Even so, that was enough to make this 747 parked at Taipei test its tethers.

Despite weighing roughly 170 tons empty, the windstorm is producing enough of a lifting force underneath the big Boeing’s massive wings to cause the unintended rotation. The video below shows the International Space Station passing over the storm’s eye.

Typhoon Souledor was the tenth such typhoon-strength system to impact the western Pacific region so far in 2015. It was also the strongest storm to have taken place anywhere on the planet this year.


Photo credit: Topshot .gif via embedded YouTube

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not really sure what the amazement here is, you have a vehicle with large wings designed to create lift when air is passing over them at speed, high winds therefore mimic the same effect when it is flying and lift it up. I’m sure if you had a car with a down force creating rear wing in the same wind you would see the suspension loaded as the wind pushed the stationary car down.