One of the joys of owning a McLaren is that when you have routine warranty work done, the manufacturer picks it up from you, does the work, and drops it off with no problem at all. And to transport it, they even put it on a truck for you. And that’s great, until that truck stalls out on train tracks, and a train destroys it.

Destroying your wonderful black-on-black McLaren 12C in the process.

Dr. Jorg Bober’s poor McLaren was damn near totaled after the train ran right through the trailer carrying it, according to local Jacksonville, Florida CBS affiliate WJAX:

The doctor found out about the crash from one of his nurses.

“My nurse called me up, she says ‘Listen, take Doctors Lake Dr. the opposite way to college because there’s a huge train accident.’ I didn’t think anything of it, 5 minutes later I get a call from the company saying ‘Your car is totaled.’ I was like ‘really, that’s my car?” Bober said.


Yeah, that’s your car, Dr. Bober. Or rather, was your car.

But really, Dr. Bober of Orange Park, Florida, sounds like the most chill doctor in the world, and he’s taking it all in stride like a guy with nothing but McLarens to burn:

Colburn asker Dr. Bober, “How does that feel?” He responded, “Eh, we’ll get another one.”


“Eh, we’ll get another one.” That’s the spirit, Bober! Don’t let that train crush your dreams, along with your car. And since McLaren is technically no longer making the 12C, maybe they’ll just give you a free upgrade to a brand spanking new 675LT?

This is how you be a good sport about things.

The truck driver, who was not being as good about things, will be cited by the cops, according to WJAX.


Photos credit: WJAX

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