A tray for all your parking tickets

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Do you get too many tickets? Do you hardly ever get any? In either case, here’s a tray to store them in—or a tray to keep very empty with a smug grin on your face.


Available for $10 from Fishs Eddy, either online or in New York City.

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So "Friend of a Friend" story time! (Although I think this one's actually pretty reliable)

Aforementioned friend of a friend got a ticket parking on campus one day, and realized that the ticket's bright high-visibility envelope could be kept after paying off the ticket. Said friend used this envelope essentially as a parking pass for the rest of the semester: they would put it on the windshield when they parked, the parking attendants would see it and think the car had already been tickets by a different agent, and move on...

This worked great for a semester. Some time the next semester, however, a parking attendant caught on, and found the car every day, and inserted a new ticket into the existing envelope, and said friend of a friend didn't notice until the envelope was brimming with tickets...

That said, parking enforcement on campus was vicious. I once got two tickets in a single day because THEY moved the sign as to where my allowable zone started and ended so that I wasn't in it... I fought the tickets and won, but they took so long I accrued late fees which they wouldn't waive...