In the future, the anti-fun police will ensure that cars won't go fast, they'll just look fast. Comrades, we give you the Toyota Prius Custom Plus Concept.


Hailing from Toyota's in-house accessories division, the CPC is immediately distinguishable from more humdrum hybrids by it's MASSIVE Lambo-style front intakes. What these feed, we haven't a clue. These vents form the leading edges of a ridiculously wide body kit chosen to accentuate the 2010 Toyota Prius's wedge profile. Of course, any accentuation to form is spoiled by the tacky details; check out the weight-saving carbon hood, the winglets aft of the wheels and of course, the ridiculous wheels. Call us crazy, but we actually like the translucent, droopy rear spoiler, just not on the Prius. If you believe your future kids will become gearheads, and this is the lame form their rebellion takes, we suggest a vasectomy.

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