A Titan of a Giveaway: PickupTruck.com Wants You to Help Customize, Win Nissan Pickup

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Our friends over at PickupTruck.com have one heck of a big giveaway. One could even say it's a Titan-ic giveaway if one was predisposed to puns. Luckily we're not. But, whether punny or not, they're giving away a 2008 Nissan Titan PRO-4X Crew Cab. Only if you're the winner then it's a little bit more than just a stock truck you'll be driving away with. The readers of the site will help by voting on a custom job for the Titan and the PickupTruck.com folks'll be doing a series of videos of the build. Once they're done total screwing up a perfectly good truck customizing the Titan from top to bottom, they'll give it away to one lucky reader. Want to be that reader? Then head on over and drop your name in the hat. [PickupTruck.com]


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It's quite interesting what customizing a vehicle actually does to it's resale value. Something simple like DUB's for example actually lessens it's resale when you trade it in. Add a customized paint scheme, some interior modifications, and it takes it down further than if you left it stock. That is one reason why you see customized cars on EBAY all the time. The owners can't get a decent trade value on their "whips".