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We may earn a commission from links on this page

A Slight Detour For Our SRTxSW Road Trip

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Important updates to our SRTxSW Road Trip we told you about last week. We will be skipping DC tonight because of the crazy Snowquester snow storm heading that way and will instead take the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT to Raleigh, North Carolina and will meet the Viper at another location. Also, we can now tell you Gizmodo's big secret.

The very nice folks at SRT agreed that, as much fun as it would be, trying to drive an SRT Viper through a snow storm isn't the ideal if we want to keep the sticky tires on it for the rest of the trip. So they're going to drop it off at a super secret location in North Carolina. It's going to be awesome. We may end up going to trivia night in Raleigh tonight, we'll let you know how it times out.


As for Gizmodo, they're GETTING A TV SHOW! We'll be talking about it on the trip to SXSW where they'll be doing more with it.

Anyone in Raleigh tonight want to hang? Also, Mascari has never been to a Cracker Barrel so that's definitely happening on this trip.