A Shelby Cobra 427 frame-up, concours quality restoration with a sideoiler 427 engine. 11,000 original miles. Never raced. Has the Sunburst wheels with original Blue Dot tires and a spare set of wheels and tires — and it just sold for $625,000 at the Barrett-Jackson to some guy on the interwebs. No, it wasn't us.


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I think the buyers of Cobra CSX 3294 were a LOT more savvy than the auctioneers. This is the car Steve Davis personally vouched for . . . He talked about the fine quality of the car and how it would not be long before you could not buy it for less than 1 million. He also alluded that it had never been wrecked. The Cobra registry which is published every 10 years and last printed in 1997 states that CSX 3294 was TOTALLED in 1967, bought from the junk yard in 1969 and then parted out. The front clip was sold to one individual, while the rear clip of the car was used to convert another Cobra to the wide body configuration. Another problem with this car, the 3200 series serial number cars all had 428 engines, NOT the 427 side oiler which is much more desireable . .. I think the car brought what it was worth!