A Scout Needs Rescuing On This Week's Talking Trucks And Getting Stuck

In an effort to alleviate boredom, interact with you, and cultivate a recurring excuse to play video games at work, my Twitch show “Talking Trucks & Getting Stuck” is back (Tuesdays 4:00 p.m. pacific/7:00 p.m. eastern). If you don’t want to slog through a whole hour of wheeling with me, peep the highlight reel!

I’m still fine-tuning the programming here, but the basic scoop is this: I try to stream some wheeling on SnowRunner for about an hour or so once a week at the above-mentioned time. Then Jalopnik’s video producers cut the “good parts” into a fun highlight reel.


The clip above features the harrowing journey of a heavily-upgraded virtual International Scout 800 on a quest to find high ground and get a good sense of its virtual surroundings. When that goes sideways, a bigger truck was dispatched to try and rescue it.

Meanwhile, if you’re seeing this post when it’s fresh, you can come hang and drive with me live on Twitch right here:

My mission today (June 9) will be to haul some materials from one part of virtual, fictionalized Michigan to another, and then explore a new area looking for high ground. It’s fun!


For those of you who don’t really understand Twitch, it’s OK, I’m still not sure I do completely either. In my stream, you’re going to watch me play the off-road sim SnowRunner on my Xbox One. A camera feed will beam my stupid face and commentary into a corner, while viewers will be able to comment for all to see in a window.

SnowRunner is uniquely appealing for this purpose to me because it provides an opportunity to talk about trucks and answer the questions of participants in the chat. It’s a fun platform to interact on, and so here we are.

I’m lonely and I miss off-roading with people. But this helps scratch the itch without any of us having to leave our couches. Come on down!

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Probably the greatest game I’ve ever played. Although since the last update, I feel as though the black ice in Alaska is worse, and my Fleetstar, despite it’s mid-range engine isn’t as powerful any more. No killing, minimal disappointment, and save for steering, very realistic conditions. Very relaxing, and I can’t wait to upgrade my trucks IRL to go trail riding around Nevada.

Things I wish I knew before I started playing.

*You can advance time to daylight hours on the map screen if it’s too dark to see. Clock is at the top.

*Prioritize Service Hubs. You can repair your vehicle 100% without having to return to the garage.

*Locate your fuel trailers to refill in the field.

*Choose just a single scout truck to upgrade. Probably the IH Scout for the full roof rack with parts & fuel, battery powered winch, and the free upgrades everywhere for it.

*Locate a scout fuel trailer and use it to service your vehicles and to explore. Drop the trailer at a trail head, then go in to explore, and come back to where you left off.

*Trucks you need: Fleetstar with sideboard & crane for cargo recovery. IH Scout for exploring. Western Star 4964 with a maintenance frame for quick repairs, refueling, and exploring. ANK for trailering up steep hills.

*Optional trucks: Navistar for pulling trailers and heavy duty drilling equipment. DLC costs $2, but it’s the fastest way to get results. Pacific P16 for it’s widetrack to prevent tipping over on tight, angled turns. Upgraded Kodiak with heavy crane for fast cargo container & trailer recovery.

*Get additional lighting, and chain tires whenever possible for your trucks. Otherwise offroad tires until chains are unlocked.