A Road Crew Painted A Stripe Over This Dead Raccoon

Illustration for article titled A Road Crew Painted A Stripe Over This Dead Raccoon

Why is roadkill is so funny? Whatever that sticky patch of mangled fur used to be probably suffered and unfortunate demise, yet it can still cause a chuckle, especially when it has a road stripe painted over top of it.


A Pennsylvania line painting crew failed to notice — or care about — this raccoon as they engaged in what has to be one of the most dull jobs in the world. A motorcyclist told the Tribune Democrat that he laughed so hard he almost crashed his bike.

Let's try to understand the stripe painter's mentality. The road stripe, in all of its linear glory is nearly perfect. It's perfectly boring. So who cares about dashes and curves when you have the opportunity to paint over a dead animal? It's the stripe painter's chance to be avant-garde. (Hat tip to $kaycog!)

Photo credit: Associated Press


Normally, roadkill just pisses me off.

Stupid fucking whitetail deer running out in front of my cars...

*grumble grumble*