A Ride-On Dolphin Is The Best Pit Bike Ever

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Sometimes, the vehicles off-course are almost as cool as those on-course. This is Todd Roberts’ pit bike from this year’s SCCA Solo Nationals, which features an animated woodcut dolphin which you can majestically ride upon as it bobs up and down.

Not only does it look like you’re riding a dolphin — which is pretty amazing in its own right — but said dolphin bobs up and down thanks to some clever machinery in the back.

A solar panel on the top rear edge of nature’s most graceful wooden sea mammal helps power the mechanism which allows the dolphin to move as if it were swimming in the ocean, under the rider.

Judging by the road rash that usually comes back on members of the local Texas Spokes Sports Car Club (of which Todd is a part) after Solo Nationals, this dolphin definitely qualifies as the most entertaining way to hurt yourself I’ve seen all year.


The only thing I can think of that would make this dolphin even more amazing is if the dolphin could poot clouds of glitter behind it as it moved. Yes, I know real dolphins don’t do that in nature, but you’re not constrained by the bummers of reality* with a pit bike dolphin, either.

What’s the craziest means of paddock transportation you’ve ever seen? Show us in the comments below.

*until you wipe out

Update: Todd sent along a video of the dolphin in motion, and it’s just as gloriously wacky as you’d expect.

Video of dolphin details via Grassroots Motorsports

[H/T Dan DiFeo]

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