A Quick Moment in the Calm Before the Storm

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Continuing on with our tradition of quoting Grant Hart just before a devastating hurricane strikes the Gulf Coast, we thought we'd mention that "Turn on the News" seems particularly prescient down here in Texas right now. Check it:


"Airplanes are falling out of the sky
A baby is born and another one dies

Doctors finding out about disease
With all this uptight pushing and shoving
That keeps us away from who we're loving"

While folks here in Austin seemed to have calmed down a bit today as Rita shifts eastward, and the gas station down the block just received a shipment last night, keeping prices right around $2.70, we can't help but worry. While it's now likely that Jalopnik's Tejas Outpost won't get flooded out (touch wood), we'd still like to take the chance to remind all of our Southeast and Central Texas readers to stay off the major arteries as much as possible today if you've got already got a safe place to stay. We know it's somewhat redundant, and it's likely more heartfelt than what you're used to from cynical twirps like us, but please, stay safe, everyone, and look out for one another. We want y'all back in one piece.