A Psychotic Angry Man Ripped Off This Lady's Spoiler And Broke Her Window With It

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Driving a teal Ford Escort is no crime, but it apparently raised the ire of a crazed motorist the other day. Emily Lawson, 34, and her friend Morley Gordon, 25, were driving near Seattle, Wash. when a man in a black car cut them off and began screaming at them.

When he flipped the bird at the two women, they shot one back, laughing the whole thing off. Only the man, whom Lawson described, more or less, as a muscle-bound psycho, wouldn't be laughed off. He followed them on the shoulder, screaming obscenities. When they reached an intersection, he jumped out of his car, ripped the spoiler off of Lawson's car and swung it into the back window, shattering the glass.


"He was a big, scary guy. I thought he was going to kill us," Lawson told Seattle's KING5. "We're two women in a car and we're being attacked by this hulk guy that's freaking out and there's a whole bunch of other people there and nobody came to help us. The police officer said nobody called it in, either."

Wait a tick. This is only an hour from where Daman Lehman beat James Foster nearly to death for complimenting his rims. Is there something in the water around there, or is some of the area's population experiencing a roid rage epidemic?

Anyway, if you happened to see the guy's license plate or car when this happened, the Washington State Patrol is still looking for him.


Photo credit: KING5