A Pristine 5,700-Mile Toyota Supra Is Back Up For Auction After Its $80,500 Sale Fell Through

If you’ve been drowning out the sound of your own tears with Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away” since one of the auto industry’s most iconic cars, a nearly perfect 1994 Toyota Supra with under 5,700 miles on it, sold to someone else last month, you’ll be happy to hear it’s available again. The sale fell through.

This famous fourth-generation 1994 Supra, with white paint and black leather on the inside, popped up on auction website Bring A Trailer in March. The car was apparently with the original owner’s son until 2016, and was advertised by a Maryland dealer called Performance Auto Gallery as only having 5,664 miles.


Its legendary 2JZ engine was listed as paired with an automatic transmission, and was said to have been kept stock throughout.

The auction listing said the seller had “factory books and manuals, an original Toyota dealership folder with a business card, the factory window sticker, a pre-delivery checklist, a tool kit, two sets of keys, a clean Carfax, and a clean Tennessee title.” The window sticker has the car’s $47,795 original price tag on it, which is about $84,000 in today’s dollars when accounting for inflation.

It sold on March 30 for just under that, at $80,500. The account listed as the winner on Bring A Trailer appears to have bid on the car seven times to win it at that price, and said in the comments that they planned to do a custom body kit and wrap on the car after picking it up in early April.


That might have been the point when you told yourself it was game over, but it wasn’t. The nearly perfect Supra popped back up on eBay recently, by the same seller who listed it on Bring A Trailer, with this as its description:

Offered for sale is this stunning, low-mile 1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo finished in Super White over Black Leather. This is lowest mileage Twin Turbo MK4 Supra available on the market with just 5,664 miles - is in highly original, unrestored condition. Single family owned in Tennessee from new - sold at Harpeth Toyota (TN). Original window sticker, delivery checklist, owners manual, extra keys and other delivery items remain with the car in stellar condition.


Jalopnik reached out to Performance Auto Gallery, and its managing director Alex Witkin confirmed via email that the car is for sale again. The high bidder didn’t fund the $80,500 deal from Bring A Trailer, he said.

(Bring A Trailer doesn’t have a method to contact directly unless a sale is made between two accounts, so Jalopnik couldn’t reach out to the listed winner.)


But if you’ve got the cash and an almost untouched automatic Supra is what you see in your future, the car is back up for grabs with an eBay auction that closes on May 5 or Buy It Now price of $99,990.

If that doesn’t work out, you can always have a new Toyota Supra with a high price tag shift gears for you when the 2019 model comes out.


[h/t VZSpyder!]

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