A Porsche 918 Spyder Crashed Into A Tree Hard In China

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The great thing about mid-engined supercars is that they carry most of their important bits behind the seats, so unless you manage to crack their carbon fiber tub, they remain fixable. Let's hope this Chinese example is a survivor, too.

The accident reportedly happened this morning in Shanghai's Xintiandi entertainment district, and marks the third time a 918 Spyder has been damaged.


According to Car News China, local reports suggest that the car "was driven by a 'female friend' of the owner, who mixed up the throttle and the brake." Somebody call Toyota right now!

While both of them climbed out of the car unharmed after slamming into a tree at a high speed, the owner will not only have to worry about crashing a car that costs about $2,15 million in China, but also having no tags on his 918 at the time.

For more pictures, head over to Car News China!

Photo credit: carnewschina.com

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