A Police Officer Pulled A Family From A Car In The Nick Of Time

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A Washington police officer pulled a family to safety just before their car was overturned by a wave on Tuesday evening.


According to the driver, the family had driven onto the beach to look at the scenery. When the tide came in and began to wash the sand away under the tires, the car became trapped and began to sink. When the police officer arrived following a 911 call, the doors were wedged shut by the sand and waves.

The officer forced the doors open and the family was able to climb to safety. Moments later, a large wave toppled the car on its roof.


The family was cleared by paramedics following the rescue. Later, the formerly brand-new car was turned upright by a bulldozer and hauled away.

(via KGW Portland)

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So.... A person drives a new (ish?) car onto the beach to watch the sunset, and gets too close to the ocean and lets the tide come in around the car. OK, I can see this happening, maybe. But to then not just open the windows and crawl out of the car? What!? Why!?