Planes landing on highways is such old hat. Also, so is saying the phrase "old hat." BUT WHATEVER. Because a plane in Houston just landed in the middle of a goddamn parking lot, weaving all this way and that way to avoid cars and possible destruction. That is so much better.


The plane went down this morning right near a freeway, actually, and the pilot, the only occupant of the plane, was unhurt, according to the Houston Chronicle. It's unclear yet why the engine stopped, but clearly the big news is that it seems as if the pilot actually believes that the parking lot is an airport:

The plane's pilot told the Chronicle that he started looking for the closest place to land when the engine stopped. "We got lucky having this field here." The flight originated at the Weiser Airpark in Cypress.


Either that, or the guy's got a remarkable sense of humor for someone having a rough morning.

Let's hope it's the latter.

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