A Peek Under The Tesla Roadster’s Hood

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Ever been curious what takes place under the Tesla Roadster’s hood in the absence of internal combustion? Well, here’s an explanation of what the parts are and and what they do, conveniently numbered so you can follow along at home. Make the jump to see why "Tesla mechanic" would be a totally cush job.
Number 1: This is the electric motor. Running on AC power, it can rev up to 13,000 RPM while producing 248 HP and 200 lb-ft. Maximum torque is available all the way from 0-6,000 RPM Number 2: The one-speed transmission. After reliability problems with a two-speed design, Tesla settled for this stronger, simpler one-speed. The 8.27:1 drive ratio allows for a 0-60 time of around 4 seconds and a top speed of 125 MPH. Number 3: The Power Electronics Module. In addition to capturing the power from regenerative braking and using it to recharge the batteries, it also smooths out power delivery under hard acceleration. Number 4: The battery pack. 6,831 Lithium-Ion cells are arranged in 11 series-connected modules and surrounded by sensors and cooling systems designed to prevent catastrophic cell failure. A full 53 kW-h charge takes about 3 1/2 hours, while all the batteries together weigh somewhere between 900 and 1,000 LB. Life expectancy is in excess of 100,000 miles. Number 5: The body and frame. The Tesla roadster shares its extruded and bonded aluminum frame with the Lotus Elise while wearing its own, superlight carbon fiber bodywork. [via Treehugger]