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While at the LA Auto Show, I found myself on a similar nicotine-ingestion schedule as outgoing Land Rover Design Director (and very nice chap) Geoff Upex. A couple of months before, my cousin Pierre and I had run up the road in the hills above Dublin to visit Trevor, whom I hadn't seen in two decades, but will always remember that he taught me that if you wanted your model cars to look dusty, leave them on top of the TV. Trevor excels at tinkering and making things dirty, so it only makes sense that dude owns many, many, many Land Rovers in varying states of repair. Standing in a concrete courtyard in Los Angeles two weeks ago and looking at some of my photos of the disassembled trucks sinking into the Irish farmland, the man who'd been designing the vehicles for 23 years commented, "Land Rovers do that. They sort of return to the soil, don't they?"

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